Their early efforts were with the team from Arts Riot destroying apathy.  The Anthill Laboratories is part of shared studio spaces at the 420 Pine St. address, in the heart of the South End Arts District.

Since 2012 the collective has worked collaboratively with Magic Hat, Seven Days, SEABA, Dealer.com, Big Heavy World, Long Trail Brewing, Vermont International Film Festival and many more.

The Anthill Collective has been involved in many projects working directly with community members.  “Many hands make light work,” as the saying goes.

They have organized volunteer efforts, worked as advisors, hosted competitions and provided workspace.

Through their alliance with the global mural initiative Beautify Earth, they have begun acquiring walls and surfaces throughout the city, securing them to further build Burlington’s mural scene.

The Anthill Collective works cooperatively to make large projects happen, whether it is a community based project or a private commission.