Through continued effort to build community and beautify otherwise overlooked spaces, the Anthill is focused on public art that reflects a diversity of ideas and challenges the audience. The Anthill has been working together, painting murals throughout Vermont and beyond, that initiate a dialog with the viewer and an experience with the place. Driven by a shared passion for spray paint, graffiti and street art the Anthill describes themselves as “a group of artists that gets things done.” Known throughout the state for brightly colored work on food trucks, recycling containers, restaurant walls and large public murals. Their work has brought the legitimacy of spray paint into Vermont’s art dialog since 2012.

Beyond their work as painters, the collective works to support other artists, promote events and build a community that has quietly taken a significant role in the state’s cultural landscape. In the summer of 2017, the group organized Above The Radar, Vermont’s first graffiti festival. Taking place over the course of 3 days on Burlington’s waterfront, the event saw over 40 artists, from around New England and beyond, decorate a 260’ wall. With the support of local businesses, musicians, dancers and the community the event, which will return in 2018, solidified the Anthill’s role as ambassadors of aerosol art.