Need a custom combination of the services below? Call or email me for a free quote on a flat rate



Branding – Symbolize your company
The first step in establishing a brand is a thoughtful, appealing, recognizable symbol that communicates what words cannot.
Logo Creation -$500


An entire graphic design package to match the tone of your new or re-branding business. We will work together to identify your audience what goods and services your company offers and how it should be presented. Includes 3 stage Logo development, color palette, Web optimized graphics for social media, 3 pieces of print ready design (silkscreen, biz card, signage, brochure, menu etc.) and a web design package (site not included). 
Branding Package – $1,250
A video campaign consisting of three 30 second commercials with logo animation and on-screen graphics. Includes
principal photography, editing and motion design. Studio lighting and concept writing if desired.
Video Campaign – $2,500
Studio Photography, Portraits, Products, Events, Properties, Photo editing and touch-up.
Per Hr. – $70
or flat rate


Art / Design
– Logos, branding materials, posters, business cards, print ads, publication layouts, 3D modeling and more.
Per Hr. – $70 or flat rate
Illustration – Branding Illustration, Pencil art, portraits, vector art, cover art, painting and mixed media. 
Per Hr. – $70
or flat rate


Digital Film – Studio, field, pre (writing/set design) and post production (editing/motion/visual effects). 
Per Hr. – $70
Day Rate -$400
Or flat rate


Audio Production – Studio Recording, Sound Design, Audio for Video,Mixing and Mastering.
Per Hr. – $70
Day Rate -$400
Or flat rate


– Basic Site: Domain management, Hosting services, basic email, SEO and CMS implementation, up to 10 pgs. hosting (2 yrs)
Basic Site -$500
Deluxe Site: Branding services, domain management, Hosting services, basic email, SEO and CMS implementation, up to 10 pgs. hosting (2 yrs). User acct.s to update content
Domain acquisition and implementation (some not available)
Pro site – $1,250


WebMastering Service Contract:
For the company with unique needs such as ecommerce and storefront services, Dedicated server media hosting, maintenance and updating, campaign rollouts etc. While under this service contract, think of me as the “in house” designer.
The webmastering Service contract is the best price point for my clients who need a site/brand/store developed over time  or tuned and updated regularly..
 email for a bid. Please include your specific Site needs in the three categories to the right.
Section one can and often is as simple as an online business card, some people need a store, others are looking for a cinematic experience. 
section two refers to services after the site is initially created and launched. I offer posting and cataloging services, seasonal graphics updates etc.
a service contract is based on a timeframe rather than sign-off points. Include your desired timeframe in section 3.

In your bid request, please include:
1. What you need your site to do.
2. What you will need for  Design, content management and updating services.
3. Timeframe: contract for  a week, month, season or a year.

To apply for a bid, please submit a written request to with a description of your creative needs, your desired product and how it will be used. Please include your target audience and media channels (silkscreening, offset printing, laser printing, web video, TV commercial, signage etc.)

If you’re not sure, just ask me for advice.