My goal is to create imagery that attracts eyes and makes the act of seeing enjoyable.

Media Production

Golden Hour is a podcast that features many of Vermont’s most beloved O.G’s, skaters, artists musicians and entrepreneurs.

Web Services

I offer web design, hosting, domain registration, stores with invoicing and more.

Branding Design

Logo, branding and commercial art prepared for shirts, posters, business cards, stationary, signs and websites. Any surface that can display an image, reflect light or fix ink is fair game.

Live Music Production

There are many advantages to seasonal contracts. I can provide consistent design, multi-camera and audio production and live-streaming for live music, theater and podcasts throughout the Northeast.


Astrophysicists claim the entirety of a galaxy is expressed in the 2 dimensional surface of its black hole. Perhaps image IS everything?

VFX and Post

Add that next level to your videos. Whether it’s just some lower thirds and titles or a full-on Visual Effects composite, I will make it look good.