You can jump to Chapter 4 or to Chapter 5 by creating bookmark links. After you type and format your blog post you should be able to open it in the HTML code editor. If you’re using WordPress you can find it in the three dot menu in the upper right. If you’re using something else, there is some form of a code editor available.

In the code editor you can turn any text into a link that navigates to any other text. These functions work by bracketing, or surrounding the visible referenced text with opening and closing instructions, like bookends.

Chapter 4

A bookmark link navigates you to any single block of text by tagging it with a specified id value. Here I’ve tagged “Chapter 4”.

Each bookmark link has two parts: 


Use the href attribute (href=”#value”) to link your T.O.C. listing to the bookmark as is done above with the custom text, “jump to Chapter 4”.

In the code editor, that function looks like this:

<a href=”#C4″>jump to Chapter 4</a>  (copy that and replace “C4” and “jump to Chapter 4” with your own ID and TOC text)


Use the id attribute (id=”value”) to point to the destination in the text as done above with the custom text, “Chapter 4”.

In the code editor, that id location looks like this:

<p id=”C4″>Chapter 4</p> (copy that and replace “C4” with your ID, and “Chapter 4” with the destination text)

Chapter 5

To get fancy, you can change the format modifier from (p) for paragraph to (h1) for heading 1, (h2) for heading 2, etc. Here my text in the code editor looks like this:

<h2 id=”C5″> Chapter 5 </h2>

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