Something for the Joni Mitchell Fans.

I did this 3 cam shoot alone with 5 mic’s and mixed the 5.1 surround sound . I color corrected in photoshop and exported LUT’s to a FCP edit. Finally, I added motion and removed some undesirables in After Effects.

When shooting, I kept the camera motion to a 2D plane by only panning and tilting, no dolly, zoom or focus pulling. This let me connect several individual 2D tracks to create complete motion rigs for each shot.

In After Effects, I added a virtual camera that was set to match the real camera specs and settings. Simply switching the null rigs layers to 3D finished the motion environment.

I dropped the footage into this 3D environment and parented its orientation to the virtual camera. Then I dropped the type into the composition. I adjusted its position in z-space and the focal distance of the virtual camera to transition from footage to type and back.

This procedure was repeated for each shot with type.

Once I had the track, light stand and cable replacement was pretty straightforward. I keyed out the cord, cloned some of the wall and floor and matched colors.