Clean Capture looks at how Vermont generates electricity and how those methods impact the environment, the economy and the work that it yields. Carbon-zero power...
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Storage is key to the success of renewable energy. Low footprint storage technologies act as large-scale capacitors that regulate voltage through the energy grid. These...
As storage systems are developed to complement renewable generation sectors such as wind and solar, new markets and partnerships are created along with a legal...

the bigger picture


How do we know the difference between a good project and a bad project?

Clean capture – a film on Vermont’s quest for power

Clean Capture is a film about Vermont’s transition to renewable energy. In it, filmmaker Shaun Machia seeks out the answers to difficult questions like, how does Vermont measure up to the rest of the country when it comes to modernizing the grid? How do we integrate our metrics, standards and policies? Is a simple renewable energy credit system the answer?

Left: Map comparing states by electricity portfolio standards

-Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, Renewable Portfolio Standards are not standard Wikipedia: RPS


Timing is critical. How we create and store energy will determine the future.